If you’re considering therapy, you might be feeling unhappy, discouraged, or stuck these days. I’m also guessing that you may have already taken some steps to help these tough feelings. Self-help books? Podcasts? Late-night Googling? Late-night snacking?

I imagine these efforts may have even left you feeling a bit hopeless — like you’re not sure what steps you need to take, let alone how to take them. Maybe you feel like you “should” be able to do this on your own. You are struggling, and the idea of letting people know what you need from them is so uncomfortable that there might as well be a 10-ton boulder standing in your way.

Whether it be feeling anxious, exhausted, sad, tense, or just unsure about where your life is headed, I know how overwhelming and scary it is struggle and not know where to turn next… for moments like these I find wisdom in the words of Brene Brown….

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

I help my clients gain some real understanding about how they got here and clarity on what exactly about this current set-up is not working for them anymore. We usually find some self-compassion along the way, too. From here, we can discover together what your unique steps forward might look like. This is a process for sure, but this process can build self-awareness, confidence and strength to last a lifetime — if done well. I know you can do this, and I want to help.

So here’s the thing about me… I’m not the stereotypical “blank stare” kinda therapist you may have seen in the movies. I am someone who pushes boundaries, opposes injustice, and is not afraid to share a thought or ask a question. Every day I have to work on acceptance, gratitude, and self-awareness… and I can promise from experience, yes, it is so darn hard.

In my therapy room, we are going to laugh when it’s funny, share pain when it’s hard, swear when appropriate, celebrate the successes, and sit together in the muck of things when it all feels too much. I’m going to ask you to do some really hard work, so I’m committed to showing up 1000% with you each time we meet… probably with a coffee in my hand. ​

I provide treatment in my office in The Woodlands, Texas as well as via tele-health. I hope my website offers some clarity on what I can do to help, and I invite you to use the scheduling tool to get started, or you can call my office at 832-304-8894 and my assistant Blair will be happy to answer any questions you have and get us set up to meet.

​ Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

– Dr. Morel

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Take some time to learn more about what I offer on my website, and we can also work together to explore which kind of therapy may be right for you at this time. Considerations often include the type of concern and who is seeking counseling, but it can also include availability and financial needs.

Regardless of what type of therapy we engage in, I provide a highly personalized approach tailored to meet your needs and help attain the personal growth you’re striving for.

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I am a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Texas (License #38550). Additionally, I am credentialed as a National Register Health Service Psychologist. I’ve been providing therapy and assessment services since 2013, and have been serving clients in Texas since July 2018. Feel free to read the About Me page to learn more about my training, background, and experiences.

I have an office in The Woodlands, Texas where I provide in-person care. I am also able to provide psychotherapy via tele-health in the following states through PSYPACT jurisdiction: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Main, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin (approved state list updated as of April 2022). Also, I am licensed to provide tele-health in Florida (https://flhealthsource.gov/telehealth)!

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