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Samantha Morel PhD provides couples and individual therapy in Houston Texas for concerns including anxiety, depression, couples issues, and trauma.

1. I love that I get to do this work every day and use the information I know to help people live fuller lives. It’s a distinct honor and privilege to be part of people making big changes in their lives, moving forward after past traumas, making changes within themselves or how they talk to themselves, trying out new ways of engaging in relationships, or starting to believe for the first time that they just might deserve the life they want to lead.

2. Being a counseling psychologist was a very intentional choice for me. I didn’t know I wanted to be a therapist until I was a Junior in college. Originally, I completed a Master’s program and seriously considered getting licensed and living happily ever after as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I knew I loved providing therapy, but I also knew I wanted to learn more! So, I decided to go forward and get my PhD in Counseling Psychology—a degree that I believe has truly allowed me to understand the complexities of psychology and provided the depth of training and experience I needed to become the kind of therapist I wanted to be. 

As a psychologist, I am an expert in the human experience, both when it’s working well and when issues arise. I understand the complex integration that biochemistry and genetics play as they engage with the environment and sociocultural influences leading to direct effects on mood, well-being, and mental and physical health. This applies to us as individuals, and in the various roles we play as partners, workers, parents, and within our circles of friends and family. As a counseling psychologist, I help people with physical, emotional, and mental disorders improve well-being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, and resolve crises (APA, 2012). I believe that all of these things make psychologists like myself uniquely skilled in providing psychological assessment, diagnosis, and treating mental health disorders.

3. I have been a therapist all over this country. That may not seem like a big deal, but it has provided me some pretty unique experiences that have fundamentally changed how I do what I do. I’ve worked as a therapist in a fancy high-rise building in New York City. I’ve done therapy sitting on the floor of my client’s living room (while I worked in community mental health in low SES areas). So many different needs, so many different lifestyles and backgrounds! These experiences taught me that there are just a few core things required to have a healing experience in therapy, but they all start with two people together in a room, genuinely trying to connect with one another. I also see a direct connection between these experiences and my dedication to practice with respect, compassion, and equity for all.

4. I work with people, not “problems.” I can’t tell you how many of my clients have commented on this in some way or another. They express feeling supported and safe because we don’t allow therapy to minimize them to just those things that they may struggle with… we aim to understand their whole-person just a bit better each time we sit down. While yes, sometimes that includes some serious concerns, we work on understanding how this may make sense given their history/experiences, what they want to work towards changing, and we do it with lots of self-compassion along the way.

5. When I’m not working… you’d be most likely to find me cooking, relaxing with my dog, or practicing piano. I began teaching myself piano about 2 1/2 years ago (through an iPad app no less) and I thoroughly enjoy the “brain break” it provides me. More recently, I’ve been working on some crafting and home DIY projects. I love figuring out just how much I can make out of goods purchased only from the Dollar Tree (not kidding). Finally, I am an amateur connoisseur of coffee, pickles, and popcorn, and I take these things very seriously.

I would absolutely love to talk with you and assist you with your Therapy or Psychological Assessment needs. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please Call or Text 832.304.8894 or email


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