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Mental health care sometimes includes Psychological Assessment (sometimes also called psychological evaluation or testing) and my goal is to take the mystery, and more importantly, the anxiety out of the process. ​Regardless of the type of assessment you may be needing, I will work with you to discover what your goals are. From there, I hope to provide an experience that leaves you feeling informed and equipped to lead a fuller life at home, school, work, and in all of the other communities that are important to you.

Using the most technologically advanced methods available, I offer a variety of assessments for both pediatric and adult concerns, including:

These evaluations include a thorough intake session to understand your needs, a written comprehensive report containing diagnoses (when warranted), and a feedback session with recommendations for continued growth. All reports are personalized and show appreciation for your unique situation, needs, and strengths.

Because my assessments are highly customized, I do not have set fees published online, but I am able to provide an estimate after we talk and explore what is needed. Fee is determined by type of assessment needed, time to do evaluation, and report writing time. Barring extenuating circumstances, my turnaround time is usually 2 weeks after our last assessment session.

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Personal Thoughts & Benefits of Assessment

Maybe your therapist, doctor, or someone at your child’s school has mentioned assessment, and you’ve found yourself wondering, “What is this?” and “How can it help me?”.

Psychological assessment (sometimes also called psychological evaluation or testing) is a broad term, and it integrates multiple sources of information to answer specific questions. Within the scope of what I do, these sources often include a combination of psychological tests and structured clinical interviews, gathering information from caretakers (if applicable), considering early developmental markers, and integrating other demographic information.

All of these sources are needed because the focus of psychological assessment is to understand you as a whole-person with a multidimensional perspective on the questions we are aiming to answer.

Psychological assessment can be enormously beneficial in a variety of instances.

  1. Treatment clarification. If you are considering therapy, an assessment can improve or accelerate your treatment by clarifying a diagnosis, generating new and/or more targeted treatment goals, or understanding what specific therapeutic techniques might benefit you most.
  2. Progress is stalled. Often times, therapists recommend assessment when a client is struggling to achieve goals in counseling. Psychiatrists (medical physicians who prescribe medication for psychological disorders or symptoms) also request comprehensive assessments as they work to determine which medications are best suited for a patient’s specific needs. I work closely with referring providers to ensure the evaluation answers relevant questions and meets each client’s unique needs. My goal is provide testing that exceeds both your expectations and those of your referring provider.
  3. Educational needs. Assessment results can be transformative is in successfully navigating the educational system. A thorough academic assessment may help clarify you or your child’s learning strengths and limitations, and what modifications to an education plan might success with greater ease. Oftentimes these results are used to provide the basis of requesting accommodations in many academic settings.
  4. Giftedness Testing. Interestingly, some kids may actually need to be more challenged or stimulated in the classroom, and testing can reveal areas of giftedness that might go unnoticed by educators.
  5. Healthcare Decisions. For many people exploring important healthcare decisions, including readiness for various surgical procedures, assessment can provide specific information around your mental health, which then frees up your medical providers to focus on your healthcare. I am also proud to offer evaluations specific to transgender persons and the struggles they face in receiving gender affirming care. This is a true passion area of mine and I’ve received specialized training in World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards in order to be able to do this.

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