Dr. Samantha Morel August 17th, 2022

Buy the Flowers

Fresh flowers have been adorning our therapy room this summer.  It's actually funny- I used to dread changing the centerpiece on the coffee table in my therapy room because inevitably I would have six or seven conversations about it that...

Dr. Samantha Morel July 15th, 2022

dial 988

Beginning this Saturday, July 16, 2022, there will be a new nationwide dialing code that routes directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL). 911 = medical, fire, police  emergencies and support 988 = mental health emergencies and support pretty...

Dr. Samantha Morel June 1st, 2022

The Life Changing Magic of Self-Compassion

  I see it so often on my couch. You folks are TOUGH on yourselves. Sure, sometimes we are disappointed in the world and wish things looked different. But more often than not, the things I see people get stuck...

Dr. Samantha Morel April 26th, 2022

End of Semester Self-Care

If you’re a college student, high school student, graduate student, teacher, parent of a student…. the end of the year is always a push. We’ve had spring break, there are no more breaks in sight until summer. We are tired,...

Dr. Samantha Morel April 13th, 2022

The Power of Playing

Look at any list of mental health coping tools and I bet you’re going to find music someway, somehow, somewhere on it. Music as a coping tool is about as universal as it gets, because most of us find comfort...

Dr. Samantha Morel January 28th, 2022

Emotional Flooding

Emotional Flooding in Relationships Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your emotions during an argument with your loved one that every word they say feels like an attack and you say things you don’t truly mean? If so, you...

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