Group Therapy

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Since I ran my first group years and years ago, I’ve been hooked. 

Group Therapy is one POWERFUL method of treatment and I am so glad to be able to offer it. I am currently running a group for young adults struggling to figure out what’s next in their life. See the flyer here for more information and consider joining us!

What’s Next?! group meets virtually on Monday nights and as of January 2021 we are accepting new members to join this committed and supportive group.

Look out for more group offerings you could be part of in 2021!

Samantha Morel provides group therapy for young adults in texas  and across the country
Samantha Morel Group therapist

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Why Group Therapy?

People in a group are usually individuals who are all related in a similar way — for example, they might share grief, depression, anger issues, academic concerns, or low self-esteem. I think groups do a couple of very unique things to support mental health, and this is why I love them!

  1. Groups act as a sounding board and support network for whatever you’re working through! The fact is, everyone else in the group is here to support you, which is an amazing feeling to experience. 
  2. Groups help you feel less alone and the opportunity to feel normalized. Many times, we struggle to open up about our problems with others around us. This prevents us from the valuable realization that we are not alone and other people “get it!” Furthermore, knowing we are not alone is one thing, feeling like we are not alone can be a healing experience in-and-of itself. 
  3. Groups give us the opportunity to get perspective. It’s rare that a group goes by where someone doesn’t say “I never thought of it like that before!” Having others around you can provide new and different ideas on how to approach your concerns or consider your options. Everyone has different experiences and backgrounds and in seeing how other people address problems or make positive changes, you can open yourself up to a new set of strategies for dealing with your own concerns.
  4. Group Therapy allows you the chance to practice relating to peers. Many of us struggle to connect — the truth is, relationships are hard work! In a group, regardless of the topic, we are always learning how to connect with each other, being respectful and sensitive to each other’s needs and we work together to make the space productive and safe. Ever feel like you don’t know how to ask the right questions? Seem uneasy in a social setting but don’t really understand why? Or, wonder if that person is judging you right now? In group, we get to talk about these things right in the open and in a way most of us don’t get to do in “real life!”

The idea of talking to strangers seems daunting to everyone at the beginning — but I assure you, this melts away as you become more comfortable with the idea that this is a group of people who care about you and who want to support you and see you succeed.

Ready to take the step?

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