Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is truly an experience like no other. It’s a very personal relationship, and I never take that for granted. In this space, we get to work closely together to really get to the bottom of what’s going on in your life — both the things that are going well and the things that aren’t.

Most of the time, this leads us to understanding more about who you are as a person. I believe that what happens to us in our life matters and can have a deep impact on us throughout our life. This means digging into things like, what specific circumstances have you walked through? What was your family like growing up? Who is in your corner these days, and what is that like for you? Did/do your family and friends talk openly about emotions and mental health? What does understanding your past NOT mean? This does not mean that we are going to hyper focus on your mother, what she did wrong that one time, and use that as the basis for all that’s gone wrong in your life. Trust me, this is not about blame. It is about understanding, making meaning from your lived experiences, and figuring out how to move forward in healthy and productive ways. From there, we can create an idea of what long and meaningful change may look (or better yet feel like) and how to get there.

Now, I realize there is often suffering going on while we do this. I will surely provide tools, skills, and coping strategies to support you through.  No matter what the need is — I’ve got them, people need them, and we will use them to whatever degree that is helpful for you in your life!

The Process of Individual Therapy

This is such a lovely graphic depiction of how I see individual therapy working. While I see implied ideas of sadness or grief in the cloud, I believe this same idea holds true for concerns ranging from anxiety, addiction, self-esteem, unfulfilling relationship(s)… you name it. We take what you have, notice and validate the struggle that it is (or was), we try to understand the pain – respect it, and do the work that it takes to transform that into meaningful and long-term growth.

 I also deeply appreciate the idea of working together that is represented here. You don’t have to be alone in your “cloud.” As a therapist, I can be in it with you. Being with someone as they open up their clouds, often for the first time, is and always will be a distinct privilege. 


What issues are appropriate for Individual Therapy? 

There are lots of reasons people seek personal counseling with me. Some of these include:

Anxiety – whether it is newly developed or has been going on for a long time is usually quite exhausting for people. 

Depression – some describe this like experience as though life has lost its excitement or meaning. Psychotherapy can provide support, tools and safety as we figure out what is getting in the way of you having that fulfilling life you think is possible, but don’t quite know how to get to. 

Relationship issues – whether the concern is with friends, family, romantic partners, or a combination of all the above relationships are important parts of our lives and when they aren’t going well, it’s usually a difficult thing to deal with. 

Traumatic events – this can be anything from a significant car accident, to a death loss in your life, all the way to emotional or physical abuse. Trauma often rocks our sense of security and safety in the world, and therapy is a great place to explore that, understand the impact it had on your life, and take thoughtful steps towards reducing that pain. 

Life changes – much of the time, mental health issues surface during big life stressors or changes in the environment. Some of these might include: getting married, having children, going off to college, new jobs, relationships ending, moving. 

Career concerns – we spend most of our waking hours engaged in some type of work. If you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or miserable in that activity, it’s likely this will spill over into your personal life. Or make the opposite is true for you! I like to say, career and personal lives do not happen in a vacuum separate from each other, and counseling can help you explore where the need for adjustment is and how to go about producing effective change. 

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