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Not knowing what you’re going to do in your life is stressful as all get out. I spent a few years researching this topic in my doctorate program, and then wrote a whole dissertation on it! I know all about the ways in which career decision-making impacts the mental health of young students. Career development is a passion area of mine, and I’ve helped so many navigate this stressful time in their lives. As a college instructor teaching classes on career development and exploration, as a psychologist working with countless students in individual therapy, offering college-aged group therapy sessions, and as a career counselor– I’ve worn this hat in so many different ways!

I’m excited to provide the opportunity to support many more students online through this career assessment battery. I’ve designed this to be an awesome first (or second) step in that scary career exploration process. I believe any high school student, college student, or young adult unsure about what direction they should go in their lives can benefit from this.


If you want to

  • learn more about your personality
  • understand how that personality might show up in the workplace
  • get some career ideas that fit your interest
  • get some career ideas that fit your areas of confidence
  • receive some guidance about where to start…

then this is for you!


I’ve perfected this system to allow for the most use of our resources (time and money!) to get you the information that I’ve seen be helpful for so many.


This specifically designed online battery (fancy way of saying a bunch of tests/assessment tools) can help us learn various things that we need to understand about you and how you might mesh in different areas of work. This ranges from your values, your interests, things that motivate you, what you’ve done in your life that you loved, what you’ve done in your life that you’ve…. not loved.

Once we get you set up in my system, you’ll complete these tests and questionnaires online and in your own time. It should take a good bit of time, but there’s no pressure for you to do it all at once or in one sitting with someone watching you fill things out. There’s also no pressure for right and wrong answers (you’re going to do it perfectly). You’re just answering questions about what you think of things, what you enjoy, your preferences. Easy stuff!

Once all the information is back to me, I’ll take some time and review it, create a report for you with all the information. Once I’ve got that done, we’ll schedule a 50-minute tele-health-based assessment feedback session. This is a video-style appointment where we review the results and explore the initial steps for you to begin exploring. After this, you’ll get all these reports emailed to you to review and pour over. Literally, it’s a lot.

If after that there are more questions or things you want to talk over, we can schedule follow-up appointments (not included in assessment fee) and continue working through it! I’m here for you as long as you need me.

Although we are doing all of this virtually, one technicality of this is that the person has to be physically in one of the states I’m licensed to practice in at all times that we are engaged in any part of the assessment process. One easy way of thinking about it: Are my feet in one of these states at all times I’m doing something assessment related?

Yes = GREAT! Let’s go.

No = Dang, I’m not able to help you right now

Click here to learn which states I can practice in!

Frequently Asked Questions

$750. This assessment provides a broad spectrum of information about yourself, possible career options, and tailored ideas to begin exploring the next steps. It also includes a 50 minute feedback session with me, and a comprehensive written report.

Unfortunately, insurance does not usually cover assessment costs related to career, academic, educational, or learning assessments.

Once you give me the go ahead, you’ll get links to all of the important assessments within 24-48 hours. It takes me some time to get you set up in my system, and ready to go! After that the timeframe is all up to you and is related to how long it takes you to complete all of the information. After you’ve completed all of the information, I typically ask for about a week to be able to review the data, create the report, and get an assessment feedback session put on the books. It’s hard for me to know how schedules will work for feedback sessions, so I cannot predict this part, but usually it’s not too bad if you have some flexibility.

I think this information is spectacular at giving you some first steps about directions to learn more about or explore more in depth. This report would be helpful to share with trusted family  therapist, or an academic counselor who can help you think through it, and often it can provide more information for them to be able to support you better during this process. Emotional support is so important during this time. This might be one of the ways to open the door, with a little bit less stress and pressure than normal because there’s real information to look at and discuss.

The answer is yes; if you’re under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will have to sign the consent forms for you to participate.

Nope. Not at all! College isn’t the right choice for every career goal, and so it’s not the right choice for everybody. I seek to understand you and your career ideas on a personal level, not what society or social norms tell us you should do or want.

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