Doing my part – reducing my rate.

Dr. Samantha Morel April 24th, 2020

** Please note that this period of reduced rate services has passed.**

I know all of us are overwhelmed by what is going on in the world these days. Sickness, financial distress, emotional stress, job loss and taking on new responsibilities we never expected. We are all doing our best to manage these things- social media breaks, taking walks, connecting with family, or if you’re anything like me…. maybe too many cookies every once in a while.

In March, I moved to an all tele-health model to do my part in physical distancing, but I’ve been thinking long and hard about what more I can do to help in my little corner of the world. One thing that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about is how finances are often a barrier to receiving quality mental health care. While I cannot make that “go away,” I realized there was a way I could reasonably help. So…..

To help meet the needs in my community, I’ve decided to reduce all of my rates by approximately 20% for the time being. This applies to established AND new clients in the state of Texas.

If you’ve considered seeking therapy in the past, or are noticing an increase in things like anxiety or depression through this whole ordeal, please consider reaching out for reduced rate therapy services. Even if my reduced rate fee continues to be prohibitive for you- I will help connect you with someone at an even lower fee.

I am currently accepting new clients at my Woodlands, TX practice, which serves the Greater Houston, Texas area. Contact me at 832-304-8894 or at to learn more.

– Dr. Morel

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