Slowly Returning to the (New) Office…

Dr. Samantha Morel June 10th, 2020

It’s the beginning of June! Like most of you, I too am feeling antsy and desperately wishing for this “COVID-19 physical distancing stuff” to be over with! I’m so looking forward to being face-to-face with clients again soon. That being said, I feel a sense of responsibility to return to in-person therapy and assessment services slowly and responsibly, respecting all of the guidelines by our medical professionals.

Beginning this week, I am returning to the office and working together with ongoing and new clients about the ways I can provide effective services for them.

For some, their physical health still requires them to remain isolated, and we will certainly continue with tele-health. I am thrilled to continue to offer tele-health! For others, they are missing the sense of connection that comes from being together in a room, and are feeling comfortable returning to in-person sessions.

I plan to work with these clients to reduce risks, prioritize safety (theirs, mine, and other clients) and meet their individual treatment needs.

I will implement some specific measures to help with this during therapy and assessment. For instance, reduced physical contact during our appointment and staggering in-office clients throughout the day much more-so than in the past, allowing plenty of time for me to sanitize the space in-between. I am also excited to resume important psychological assessment services within similar guidelines- I’ve so missed being able to provide this service.

In other news, I am extremely excited to share that we officially have a new space to meet my therapy and assessment clients from in The Woodlands! I am so thrilled for my clients and community to finally see it, and to enjoy it with me!

Looking forward to reconnect in person, both safely and responsibly soon!

– Dr. M

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